Our Team

Lisa Walters , Pedorthist

 Lisa Walters uses a multidimensional approach to assess the root cause of your pain or discomfort. With a background in Kinesiology, Athletic Therapy, Pedorthics and Muscle Activation Technique, Lisa can draw from a vast educational and experiential background to help you get back to moving better, and with less pain. Being a Certified Pedorthist in Canada, Lisa has a very strong background in assessing and treating the human body. As well, Lisa has worked with several multidisciplinary clinics, multiple sports teams including hockey, football, soccer and rugby, and in the film and television industry, allowing Lisa to use an eclectic approach to bring you the best treatment options. 


 Whether you are looking to transition out of orthotics, questioning if orthotics will help with your pain or orthotic therapy has worked for you for years, Lisa can help guide you through your options. With a thorough assessment and discussion of your goals we can work together on a plan to help you move towards pain-free living.