Stay in the Game: Preventing Sports Injuries with Physiotherapy

December 20th, 2023
Sports Injuries Treatment in Ontario

A customized prevention plan from MEX Physio could be just what you need!

Morgan, 35, had never particularly cared for sports. But when she took a karate class at her local community center, she was hooked. She went from the occasional walk around her block to classes three days a week, plus the occasional training session at home.

But after a few months, Morgan began experiencing pain in the back of her left hamstring. It was severe enough that she missed class, and she noticed it was also swollen and tender to the touch. Morgan had strained her hamstring muscle.

This is not an uncommon injury for someone in Morgan’s position. She jumped into her karate training a little too quickly and without first conditioning her body for regular, intense exercise. She also hadn’t been diligent about adequately warming up and cooling down, especially when she practiced at home.

Morgan sought physiotherapy to help her manage her injury. In addition to pain relief and rehabilitation exercises, her therapist also worked with her on injury prevention, providing her with a functional training program that aims to improve her overall balance, strength, and agility–giving her the foundation she needs to excel in her karate training.

At MEX Physio, we regularly see patients like Morgan, who injured themselves while playing their favorite sport. However, we also love to see patients who take a proactive approach to their athletic careers. That’s why we offer customized physiotherapy programs for preventing sports injuries for athletes of all kinds.

A good injury prevention program will keep you safe and ultimately optimize your sports performance. Through movement screens, personalized conditioning programs, and more, you’ll be fully prepared to enjoy your favorite physical activities.

If you want to learn more about sports injury prevention, schedule an appointment at our Ontario physiotherapy clinic!

What’s The Process for Preventing Injuries With Physiotherapy?

A sports injury prevention program’s basic goal is twofold: One, we want to decrease your chances of sustaining an injury. Two, we want to reduce the severity of any injuries you do sustain.

We accomplish these goals by helping you condition your body for the requirements of your sport. What that looks like exactly will depend on the sport in question as well as your own strengths and impairments. Generally speaking, though, we’ll try to address these areas:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Aerobic endurance

We’ll also consider the necessity of cross-training. When you play a sport, you perform certain movements over and over: think of a basketball player shooting hoops or a baseball player throwing pitches. These movements can lead to injury.

During your conditioning program, we’ll focus on movements separate from the ones you perform during your sports training. Not only does this help avoid overtraining, but it builds strength and stamina in body parts that you might neglect during a regular practice session.

We’ll also review additional injury prevention strategies that you can incorporate into your training routine, such as the following:

  • Performing proper warm-ups and cool-downs (we’ll show you how)
  • Staying hydrated
  • Getting proper nutrition
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Monitoring for signs of fatigue so you know when to stop and take a rest

What to Expect During Your Appointments

The first thing we’ll do when you come in for an injury prevention program is conduct a thorough evaluation. We’ll take a complete health history and discuss your goals, concerns, and any physical issues you may currently be experiencing.

We’ll also perform in-depth movement screens to help us identify areas where you may need to focus your attention. We’ll run simple tests that examine your strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and more.

This information allows us to develop the best plan for your needs. For the most part, your conditioning program will consist of targeted exercises that address your specific impairments. For example, a pickleball player might want to focus on building balance and coordination, while a baseball player might want to work on shoulder mobility and strength.

One commonality among our programs, however, is strength training. Building muscle mass is one of the best ways to prevent sports injury. Strong muscles help keep your body in proper alignment, especially when performing high-impact activities. Furthermore, dedicated strength training helps with muscle imbalances caused by repetitive sports-specific movements.

No matter what your program looks like, our physiotherapists will walk you through each conditioning exercise, monitoring your progress and adjusting intensity levels as needed. Over time, you may also start to see improvements in your performance, all while having the peace of mind that you’re staying safe!

Start Preventing Sports Injuries Today with Physiotherapy

Don’t wait until you’ve suffered an injury to visit us at MEX Physio. Our team will do what it takes to keep you in the game–so you can enjoy plenty of games for years to come!

To get started with your own customized injury prevention program, request an appointment today.


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